< Signal To Noise, 2007, Fresco on Canvas, 72" x 60"

Over the last thirty years, I have developed a painting technique that allows me to employ the materials inherent to fresco on a canvas support. Fresco is an unlikely medium for replicating the codified ‘look’ of either ostensibly expressive tropes or mechanical modes of representation. The inherent technical limitations of fresco are one of the reasons I chose to work in this medium.

Mechanical reproduction is not the point of my program. I believe that the most direct and revealing method of critically evaluating a medium or practice is through that medium. Fresco also conveys a link to painting’s ancient origins as well as to Modernist concerns of process and materiality. The images are constructed on a grid, and methodically ‘translated’ by hand, often requiring several years for completion. I do not use photographic aids, projectors, or mechanical means in producing these works.